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Children Eye Center – Jilong children’s science training school was founded in 1999, approved by “Shijiazhuang City Board of Education”. The School is Committed to provide education & training to prevent and control of juvenile myopia. is the expert of “myopia prevention and control” from Shijiazhuang municipal government. In 2006 Shijiazhuang municipal government recognized Professor Dai as top-notch professional and technical personnel.

Professor Dai Minghua has been doing myopia prevention and control research for more than 20 years and invented A method of ‘defocusing visual device and its optics And read and write telescope”. Professor Dai received worldwide patent from different countries, such as:  China ,United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Europe, Russia and other  fifteen countries. Hebei Province Outstanding Invention Award, Intellectual Property Office Product Best Prospect Award , three awards from Shijiazhuang City Science and Technology Innovation Competition and many other awards!

The original eye of the five-step prevention and control myopia training method. Prevention and control of the invention of myopia and prevention and control of walking in the forefront of the world!

Benefit students all over the country and abroad, CCTV, Hebei TV has done a number of special reports

In 2005 Ministry of Education National Youth    Prevention and Control of Myopia   Expert guidance group leader Xu Guangdi  once wrote an inscription for him:

“Prevention & Control of myopia training methods, Scientific and effective, deserve of promotion. “


In 1999, Professor Dai Minghua founded the Shijiazhuang Qiaoxi Jilong Children’s Science Training School and opened a Myopia Prevention and Control Training Class. The number of students from less to more, parents do not accept, do not dare to try to positive effect of publicity, methods. Myopia prevention and control of patented products and prevention and control of myopia training methods are gradually being more and more parents to accept, Hebei TV has repeatedly made special reports on the school. The school has also been rated as excellent invention and innovation units in Hebei Province.

2005-present read and write afar, myopia prevention and control series of patented products and prevention and control of myopia five-step training rule to vigorously promote and get the recognition and praise of parents and myopic children

With the growing number of students, read and write the far-sighted and the eye of the five-step prevention and control myopia training rule spread like wildfire, the students come from all over the country, as well as from United States, Britain, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places.

Students participate in training. The method of prevention and control of myopia was accepted and parents and students have been affirmed the success and praised.

In order children can see the world clearly, our school will continue to work and achieve greater glories!