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Eye drops can not prevent the occurrence of myopia prevention and control, can not relieve fatigue.

The so-called fatigue alleviation of eye drops is a low concentration of mydriatic syrup, paralysis of ciliary muscle, the doctor believes that this is to relieve fatigue, but the mydriatic can not relieve eye fatigue. Fatigue is the whole physiological system of a consumption problem is the need to rest to recover. Is not paralyzed ciliary muscle (relieve spasm) can be restored. But led to the eyes can not be adjusted to see the near, resulting in nearly all the visual field of vision to see hyperopia from the focus, resulting in more serious development of myopia. But also upset the eyes of the three linkage, but also lead to strabismus and other issues. Myopia is not the root cause of fatigue, ciliary muscle spasm is not the problem, but the peripheral visual field hyperopic defocusing problem is too close to see the problem, do not solve the root causes of myopia problems, all methods are futile. So eye drops can not prevent the occurrence and development of prevention and control of myopia, but also cause the side effects, and promote the development of myopia, and eye drops are also preservatives, there are side effects

Do not wear glasses or wear glasses under the correct eye injury

Parents of children with myopia glasses have such and such a misunderstanding in the wrong understanding of the wrong behavior under the control of the child’s eyes to bring some harm, many parents often do not recognize this, because almost all of the view that Glasses with low, can not be equipped with, and in this view of the wrong view of the domination, almost all children are undercorrection of glasses. In practice, we found that many parents have their own life wearing glasses undercorrection, to the eye has brought serious problems, but the parents do not know where the problem lies!
First, the wrong one: Many parents believe that children will wear glasses after wearing myopia will be more and more deep, will rely on glasses, glasses do not match or insist on low degree glasses.
In fact, the reasons for the development of myopia children: excessive look near the internal causes of vision around the eye area hyperopic defocus. The reason is not resolved, of course, glasses will be more and more degrees, but not all glasses of the fault. Parents do not look for roots, blind to the development of myopia that is wearing glasses. Even without glasses, myopia is still developing, and the development speed will be faster than wearing glasses. Of course, myopia is correct vision, and can not control the development of slow myopia. And wear myopia glasses near the eye area of ​​hyperopia from the focus, whether it is to look far or near, will lead to the development of myopia.
Do not wear glasses or wearing glasses under the correction of the hazards:
Children myopia parents do not give the child glasses or low glasses, resulting in the child squinting, myopia development faster, some children because of long-term wear glasses or glasses are not corrected, resulting in amblyopia, After wearing a dizzy, and some children led to see the near-regulation recession, with glasses to see after the last look is not clear, with both myopia and old flowers of the same old.
Myopia does not wear glasses to correct vision or with the glasses are not often worn or wearing low myopia glasses, resulting in the eye will produce reverse regulation, which by training the eye reverse adjustment, trying to delay vision loss method, can not really control the development of myopia , But also increase the burden on the eyes and fatigue, leading to squinting, astigmatism, regulation disorders, resulting in strabismus, and even lead to vitreous opacity.
Second, the mistaken understanding of two: Many parents think that school wearing glasses, usually do not wear glasses.
This view is also wrong: still do not understand the root causes of myopia. So do not wear glasses and solve the root causes of myopia, it does not allow children to develop myopia is slow, but the development of faster.
Usually do not wear glasses, the child can not see things clearly, will be hard to see, the use of reverse regulation, resulting in squinting, and a while to wear, while picking, resulting in disorder, the child’s eyes easily fatigue, easily lead to strabismus, astigmatism, myopia Development speed and other issues.
Third, the wrong understanding of three: Many parents believe that wear glasses to see far to see not wearing glasses, or wearing low-level glasses. Do not think that this time to see the recent adjustment, myopia will develop slowly. This view is based on deep-rooted regulation theory, that look at the recent adjustment will increase myopia. Myopia is not the source of regulation, has nothing to do with the regulation, myopia is the root cause: excessive look near the eye caused by the vision area of ​​hyperopia from the focus, to see the regulation is the normal function of the human eye. If you look at the past to prevent regulation, this function is lost, a long time, just like the elderly, and if this state is not improved before the adult, it became a presbyopia. But also lead to three linkage disorder, resulting in strabismus and other issues. So do not wear glasses, or wear low-level glasses, the child’s eyes but more vulnerable to fatigue, because the three linkage disorder, that is, uncoordinated, it is easy to tired. Some children will never lose this function. We encountered many children in practice because of this wearing glasses, glasses are very difficult to accept, look at the past to see not clear, the parents on the worry, do not know why, that the glasses out of the question. If this situation requires two weeks or so to restore to see the near regulation, parents should not worry too much, but if the 18-year-old after the occurrence of this situation, it is no way to improve. Parents want to see this article should pay attention.
Fourth, for children with amblyopia, glasses with glasses is a prerequisite for improvement of amblyopia! If the glasses are not equipped, no matter what kind of amblyopia training, amblyopia can not be completely improved. In practice, we found that many children with amblyopia, amblyopia in the local training for many years, amblyopia has no way to improve, the reason is that glasses with inappropriate. So for children with amblyopia, glasses with glasses is particularly important!
Fifth, the correct approach
First of all, myopia with timely myopia, although can not control the development of myopia, but can solve the visual fatigue and disorder, squinting, to prevent strabismus and other issues, and even poor visual function and other issues, long-term unworthy glasses than glasses The problem is even more serious.
Second, the wearing method: Since the role of myopic glasses is corrected vision, is to solve the problem is not clear, the right way is with the foot, with the more clear the better, generally can be corrected to 1.0 and above. With all-day wear, picking wear can cause eye vision disorders and fatigue.
Six, how to determine the appropriate glasses with inappropriate, check is very important, how to check, the site has a detailed discussion, see /Show.asp?id=320 (myopic children in optometry and check the existence of problems when the Secret Secret)
In this case,
These views are our long-term tracking of children, track the practice of parents summed up, there are a lot of data and case basis. Has also been more and more parents to accept and know!