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Professor Dai MingHua is the principle of Jilong Children’s Science Training School and Director of Mouliao Myopia Prevention & Control Center.

He is the expert of “myopia prevention and control” from Shijiazhuang municipal government. In 2006 Shijiazhuang municipal government recognized Professor Dai as top-notch professional and technical personnel.

Professor Dai Minghua has been doing myopia prevention and control research for more than 20 years. 13 years of clinical work  and personally handled thousands of cases.

 Professor Dai Minghua  invented a method of  “defocusing visual device & its optics and read & write telescope”.  Received worldwide patent from different countries, such as:  China ,United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Europe, Russia and other  fifteen countries, Hebei Province Outstanding Invention Award, Intellectual Property Office Product Best Prospect Award , three awards from Shijiazhuang City Science and Technology Innovation Competition and many other awards!

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